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Our Mission

The business landscape has hardened in recent years, with a deep recession and increased competition that include large chain stores with their addition of fueling stations. Although these challenges impact Lassus, we continue to be resilient and competitive. By concentrating on our mission as a good steward within the communities we serve, we are continually paving our road of success.

As a faith-based organization, we commit to provide: quality gasoline and convenient foods with caring service, in an environment that encourages employee, community, and company growth.

Continued Focus on Our Responsibility

For over 90 years, family owned and operated Lassus has operated with a sense of responsibility for the well-being of all our employees and their families and to the customers we serve. It is a matter of civic pride. That perspective is the driving force behind all we do. Clean store environments, customer courtesy, good compensation and working conditions are all part of our daily operations. Lassus also shares its profits within our communities.

The Lassus Foundation was started as a continuing way to give back to our communities, and do it in a fair way. Presently, the Lassus Foundation donates to over 60 charities. Customers of Lassus also have been given the opportunity of choosing their favorite charity from that list.

All requests for contributions from the Lassus Bros. Oil Foundation should either be emailed to Dan Carmichael at carmd@lassus.com with the subject line of “Foundation Request – [your organization]” or mailed to Dan Carmichael, Lassus Bros. Oil, Inc., 1800 Magnavox Way, Fort Wayne, IN 46804.

These requests should include a summary stating the name and overall purpose of the organization, details regarding on what or how the requested funds will be spent, and any other information deemed significant to our decision-making process.  Review and approval of all requests is typically made in September of each year by the Foundation executive committee.

Lassus Values

Lassus Quality


We build excellence in everything we do.

Lassus Courage


We have the strength to do what’s right, no matter what.

Lassus Family


We nurture one another through engagement and support.

Lassus Growth


We encourage the development of our employees, our communities, and our company.

Lassus Serves


Make a positive impact in the community we serve.

Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor

Encompassing our company mission and values.

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