Lassus Gift Card

LassusĀ Gas at the Pump!

Lassus Prepaid Gift Cards make great gifts! You purchase the amount you want (from $5-$500) and the gift card may be used for Lassus Gas at the pump, car washes, Elmo’s Pizzas and Subs, Higher Grounds Coffee and most items inside the stores. These may be purchased at any Lassus Handy Dandy location.


Non-Profit Fundraising Scrip Program

Lassus Prepaid Gift Cards are also used by many non-profit organizations for their Scrip programs. If you are part of a non-profit organization, just contact Lassus corporate office and purchase cards at any $ level you wish at a 4% discount and then resell the Gift Cards at their original amount. (Note: The person who purchases the card may also reload it.) After a month end, the non-profit organization will receive 4% back in check form from Lassus. Call Mandi Minnich (ext 201) or LaDema Reynolds (ext. 215) at the Lassus Corporate office – (260) 436-1415.