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Signing up for Lassus Rewards enrolls you in both the Hometown Rewards program and LASSUSGO Rewards, so only one registration is needed in order to be a member of both programs!
Ever been a member of the Hometown Rewards program? Great! You’re already enrolled for LASSUSGO then!
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Get going, and be sure to participate in the Hometown Rewards program at our Indiana locations and the LASSUSGO program at our Ohio locations!

Who is it for?
Indiana Stores Only
Type of Card
Hometown Rewards Tag

Earn 10 points per 1 fuel gallon purchased
Earn 20 points per $1 spent in store
Sweepstakes entries when applicable
Earn free merchandise with various club programs

Who is it for?
Debit at all Lassus locations; Rewards in Ohio only
Type of Card
LASSUSGO Debit + Rewards Card

• Save 7¢ off per gallon of fuel
• Price protection - if the price of fuel increases, you'll receive the lower price for the rest of the day!
• Accumulate bonus points
• No Credit Check Required
• Enjoy the benefits of LASSUSGO Rewards!
• Lassus Mobile Pay
• Exclusive special offers
• Automatically e-mailed receipts
• Always secure
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Who is it for?
Ohio Stores Only
Type of Card
LASSUSGO Rewards Card

• 20 points per $1 spent on eligible purchases
• Welcome, birthday and anniversary rewards
• Entries to various sweepstakes
• Exclusive special offers

• Rewards up to $1 off per gallon
• Bonus points on items throughout the store

• 5¢ per gallon for every 500 points you earn

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