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Lassus Debit + Rewards Card

LASSUSGO Debit + Rewards

For rewards that go farther, sign up for the LASSUS Debit + Rewards card today and enjoy all the benefits of the LASSUSGO Rewards card…and so much more!

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Lassus Credit Card

Lassus Credit

Sign up for a personal or commercial Lassus Credit Card today and start earning money for the gas you purchase at Lassus! It's easy and secure.

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Lassus Scrip Card


The perfect fundraiser for your church organization or parochial school or 501(c)(3) organization, you get at least 4% savings for bulk gift card purchases! Contact the Lassus corporate office today at (260) 436-1415 to see how you can get discounted Lassus gift cards to sell to your members that put money right back into your organization!

Lassus Gift Card

Gift Card

The Lassus gift card is the ultimate holiday gift! Stop by any Lassus location today to give the most versatile gift for your hard to shop for people in your life! With the Lassus gift card, you can use it on everything: fuel, beverages, snacks, Elmo’s, Higher Grounds, lottery and more!

Lassus Fuel Only Gift Card

Fuel Card

The Lassus Fuel Card is the ultimate gift when you want to give the gift of fuel! Stop by any Lassus location today!