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LassusGo Debit + Rewards

*Discount valid on first 25 gallons.

Simply link your LASSUSGO Debit + Rewards card to your checking account to enable debit transactions and start saving TODAY!

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Save 7¢ per gallon and more*

Every time you pay with your Debit + Rewards card, you’ll enjoy an instant price rollback of 7¢ per gallon at the pump. Plus with the benefit of price protection, if the price of fuel goes up, you’ll enjoy the lower price for the rest of the day.

Dollar Bill

Earn points for purchases

Collect 20 points per dollar spent on eligible in-store purchases and earn bonus points on select items throughout the store.


Earn up to an additional $1 off per gallon

When you reach 500 points from in-store purchases, collect a reward to save an additional 5¢ per gallon the next time you fill up. Stack your rewards up to $1 off per gallon.

Always Secure

Your security is our priority. To ensure your protection, your LASSUSGO Debit + Rewards card is managed by ZipLine, a leading private label debit processor employing state-of-the-art firewall and other comprehensive security methods in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Federal Reserve.

All personal data is encrypted in real time, and every transaction is PIN protected. ZipLine monitors and limits exposure to fraud, so you’ll never be held liable for unauthorized transactions on your LASSUSGO Debit + Rewards card.


Have Questions?

See our FAQ to learn more and help answer your questions about the program.

The LASSUSGO Debit + Rewards card is a secure and convenient way to pay at Lassus locations. By linking your checking account to your LASSUSGO Debit + Rewards card, you get the convenience of paying for your purchase without annual fees or finance charges. Plus, you’ll instantly save on every gallon.



As a member, you’ll receive an instant price rollback on every gallon of gas purchased. There are no enrollment fees, annual fees or finance charges, and there will be no impact on your credit rating. The LASSUSGO Debit + Rewards card also provides price protection. This means if the price of gas goes up you pay the lower price for the rest of the day.



Visit the App Store or Google Play to sign up!

Using the card is easy. Use it the same way you use any other debit card at the pump. You may also pay for purchases in-store.



Register your LASSUSGO Debit + Rewards card and earn 20 points for every dollar spent on eligible items in the store. Reach 500 points and earn a 5¢ fuel reward to redeem on your next fill up (in addition to your 7¢ everyday discount).



Yes, the fuel discount is will be applied to the first 25 gallons of your purchase.



You can log in to view your account information here.



LASSUSGO Debit + Rewards

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