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The EPA requires a minimum level of gasoline detergent is added to all automobile gasoline.  Leading car manufacturers agree that the minimum standard may not be enough.  Gasoline additives help car engines burn cleaner and longer.

With low gasoline additive levels, carbon builds up on the intake valves and fuel injectors, which, in turn, will cut down on engine efficiency and fuel economy.

By introducing a higher detergent fuel additive, the carbon deposits will dissolve, helping your valve and injector efficiency and helping to keep your engine clean.

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Lassus quality clean fuel exceeds EPA standards

Our quality fuels helps reduce vehicle emissions, make your vehicle run smoother, and improve power of engine.

Fuel Safety Data Sheets

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Ethanol Blend

87 Regular with Ethanol Blend.

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Diesel Blend

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Blend (15 ppm sulfur).

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Sun Ultra 93N 10% Ethanol.

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