E85 Fuel Facts & Locations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles can use E85?

  • Any vehicle that takes “flex fuel” can use E85.
  • Vehicles that take flex fuel should have yellow gas cap
  • Check owners manual to confirm

What are the benefits of using E85?

Cheaper price. Better performance (horsepower, response time, etc.)

What are the noted concerns of using E85?

Lower fuel mileage.

Are fuel additives required for E85 grade of fuel?

Yes. All gasolines, including E85, need to meet federal additive requirements.

Things to know

Not all Lassus locations carry E85.

Pumps are specially marked for E85.

Dispensers have filters that detect water and shutdown the pump by swelling to restrict the flow of product.

E85 contains up to 85% ETHANOL.

Lassus “Lingo” – E85 aka Flex Fuel

Where can you find E85?

You can find E85 at the following Lassus locations:

  • 9026 N. U.S. 24 E. Roanoke, IN 46783
  • 10225 Illinois Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46814
  • 4987 N IN- 13 Leesburg, IN 46538
  • 10040 Lima Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • 7405 Maplecrest Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46835
  • 8830 Coldwater Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • 3610 East Dupont Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46825