Recreational Fuel Facts & Locations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles can use Rec Fuel?

  • All gasoline vehicles, however,
  • Rec Fuel is commonly used in small engines, boats, lawn mowers, ATV’s, etc.

Are fuel additives required for Rec Fuel?

Yes. All gasolines, including Rec Fuel, need to meet federal additive requirements.

Things to Know

Not all Lassus locations carry Rec Fuel.

Pumps are specially marked for Rec Fuel.

Dispensers have filters that detect water and shutdown the pump by swelling to restrict the flow of product.

Rec Fuel Winter VS. Summer Blend

All gasoline fuels lower RVP (Reid Vapor Pressure) in the summer to 9lb from June 1 to September 15th. Higher RVP is needed in the winter (cold months) for smoother running.

Lassus “Lingo” – Recreational Fuel aka Rec Fuel aka Conventional

Where can you find Recreational Fuel?

You can find E85 at the following Lassus locations:

  • 4987 N IN- 13 Leesburg, IN 46538