Regular 88 Fuel Facts & Locations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles use R88?

2001 and newer vehicles can use 15% ethanol blend.

What are the benefits of using R88?

Cheaper price. Better performance ( horsepower, response time, etc.)

What are the noted concerns of using R88?

Small reduction in fuel mileage.

Are fuel additives required for R88 grade of fuel?

Yes. All gasolines, including E15/R88, need to meet federal additive requirements.

Things to Know

Not all Lassus locations carry Regular 88.

Pumps are specially marked for R88.

Dispensers have filters that detect water and shutdown the pump by swelling to restrict the flow of product.

E15 is the same product as R88, the only difference is where the product is blended at.

  • E15 is blended at the terminal and delivered directly to the E15 tanks.
  • R88 is blended at those stores with blended pumps.
  • E15 has a blend of less than 15% ethanol.

Lassus “Lingo”Regular 88 aka R88 aka E15

Where can you find R88?

You can find R88 at the following Lassus locations:

  • 6111 Bluffton Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46809
  • 633 Broadway St. New Haven, IN 46774
  • 107 E Main St. Montpelier, Oh 43543